Work Health

Arete Work Health currently provides vocational, social, and rehabilitation services through insurance representatives or privately.  Alex Tague has over 7 years experience in the work health field and has been qualified as a Physiotherapist for since 2002.

The following services can be provided by Arete:

  • Workstation Assessments: Arete can work with individuals at their workstation to assess for ergonomic changes that will aid comfort and productivity.  This can be useful in preventing staff injuries, and time away from work, particularly if utilised at a time of early reported discomfort.
  • Graduated Return To Work Programs: Arete will liaise with employees and employers, as well as any third part involvement, to assist staff back to full work duties as function allows.
  • Functional Job Descriptions: Arete can access the workplace to report on specific job types.  Tasks can be reported upon, to aid with further assessment of the injured individual, to establish work capacity via medical assessment.
  • Activity Based Programs: Arete is able to provide individual exercise or activity planning, monitoring and reporting.  Programs are designed with specific goals so that rehabilitation back to independence is achieved safely whilst reducing the chance of future injury through education.
  • Gradual Process Assessment and Task Analysis: Arete will access the place of work to observe and break down individual tasks undertaken by employees, reporting on the suitability of the task, individual or equipment involved.  These assessments can assist in determining the potential to cause gradual process injuries by looking at a variety of factors.
  • Moving and Handling Training: Arete is able to work with employers to establish best practice guidelines, and provide training to reduce work place risk and the occurrence of unwanted incidents.  Achieving these goals will increase individuals comfort and safe work productivity.
  • Driver and Vehicle Assessment: Arete will assess the individual and the vehicle to check for both ergonomic and task suitability.  Advice can then be given regarding vehicle adjustments and adaptations to improve comfort and function.  These assessments will also highlight any individual areas of concern and advise on further assessment and rehabilitation.
  • Social Rehabilitation Assessment: Arete can liaise with individuals within their home environment to assess for any needs, and give recommendations for addressing these.  The recommendations will assist in restoring function and independence with everyday life activities.

Please contact the clinic to discuss and book your appointment with Alex, or make direct contact on 027 2212 303.